Letter from the Director

Dr. Greg Hundley, DirectorOver the past year, we’ve given great thought to where we are now and the challenges we will need to address in the future. Out of that process, we emerged with an updated mission for Pauley.

In this issue of The Beat, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about the new mission and some of the ways we are already carrying it out. Our cover story, for instance, focuses on the multidisciplinary teams that are helping us remain at the forefront of patient care and scientific discovery. You’ll also learn about innovative research taking place in our cardiac catheterization laboratories, now led by the outstanding clinician Dr. Zach Gertz, as well as through the work of our cardio-oncology and other teams. All these efforts are adding up: In 2018, we had a record-setting year for grants.

You’ll meet Dr. Beverly Spencer, who leads our Colonial Heights clinic. She’s one of the partners who help us better improve cardiovascular care for all by serving patients at our many locations throughout the Commonwealth.

Stories on excellence in training and education are featured throughout this issue—from the Jeopardy win by our fellows and the commitment of faculty like Dr. Antonio Abbate to the achievements of alumnus Dr. Thomas Porter. We also remember one of our great teachers, Dr. Michael Hess, who is sadly missed.

Finally, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first angioplasty in Virginia. Performed by Dr. Michael Cowley and Dr. George Vetrovec, the procedure was new and exciting. Though great skepticism surrounded it, it turned out to be an incredible, life-saving endeavor. The same spirit of innovation sparked by leaders like Drs. Cowley and Vetrovec continues today at the Pauley Heart Center—and is growing.

At Pauley, I’ve found a facility rooted in a restless, creative spirit that is continually renewed by the support of our visionary donors and reflected in our new mission. It’s a time of enormous optimism.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Greg Hundley