Dr. Greg Hundley Co-Hosts Weekly Podcast

Circulation on the Run Podcast logoPauley Director Dr. Greg Hundley serves as one of the co-hosts for Circulation on the Run—a “weekly podcast summary and backstage pass to the journal and its editors,” according to its introduction.

Hundley creates the podcast with Dr. Carolyn Lam, a professor with the Duke National University of Singapore. Both are associate editors for the peer-reviewed publication Circulation, which is produced each week by the American Heart Association. The issue and podcast are released together each Tuesday.

Each podcast highlights about five articles from the journal, which presents original research and other articles related to cardiovascular health and disease. “Our goal is to share the pertinent information from the journal each week; then we also interview some of the leading authors of the research and ask them to explain some of the results,” said Hundley. “We put the information into context for how it affects all of us as we work with our patients.”

Lam has served as host for about two and a half years. After guest hosting one of the shows, Hundley and Lam wondered about co-hosting, and they began doing so in January. “With two hosts, you can have a discourse, and the listeners feel like they are joining a conversation,” Hundley said.

The pair have an easy rapport, albeit a long-distance one. “We interact over the internet because she’s in Singapore and I’m in Richmond,” he said. “We can see one another and hear one another through the internet, but our recordings are individual.” The two taped recordings are put together by a production studio in California.

Hundley describes the audience as readers of the journal, including physicians, scientists, trainees, medical students and allied health professionals, and sometimes the general public.

The 25- to 30-minute show appeals to busy professionals—some of whom might tune in while commuting to the office. “You can listen in and get the components of the articles. What we find is that some people like that to digest what’s going on with the journal and then they’ll go back and read the key articles.”

Hundley enjoys making time for the show, even with his own busy schedule. “It’s going well. We like it, and the number of listeners is increasing.”

To check out the show, please visit bit.ly/Pauley_OTR_Podcast.