Stony Point Clinic Offers Heart, Vascular Care

Stony Point reception area

Joseph Chodkiewicz, the first echocardiogram patient at Pauley’s new Stony Point outpatient clinic, had the honor of cutting a ceremonial ribbon to a patient room on January 9, 2018.

“I was very much impressed with the professionalism of the clinic,” said Chodkiewicz, a health care worker for numerous hospitals over the years and a heart patient since 2008. “The new location is much more convenient—we live in Bon Air—and you don’t have to fight the downtown traffic.”

The clinic is on the second floor of VCU Health’s Stony Point 9000 building, which is conveniently located off the Chippenham Parkway, near the Stony Point Fashion Park, and offers free parking. About 25-30 Pauley physicians and surgeons see patients at Stony Point each week.

“We now have a strong footprint in this community for all heart services and providers,” said nurse manager Karen Stewart. “You can come for women’s heart health, heart failure, for electrophysiology and device, and consultation with thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery and transaortic valve replacement. We also have a provider who does a special clinic for lipid management.”

Drawing so many specialists to one location, the clinic creates a collaborative environment that benefits patients.

“When we are all in the same space, we can consult with each other in real time. This is particularly helpful when treating patients with complex needs,” said Dr. Zachary Gertz, medical director of Pauley’s Stony Point clinic and the Hermes A. Kontos, M.D. Professorship of Cardiology.

Services include Holter monitor placements, lab work, echocardiograms, vascular testing and pre-operative assessment appointments, which are required before surgeries. The clinic plans to offer stress testing within the year.

“You can come for women’s heart health, heart failure, for electrophysiology and device, and consultation with thoracic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiac surgery and transaortic valve replacement,” said Karen Stewart.

“We’re very patient-centric,” said clinical coordinator Ann McRae. “A patient can come here for a vascular test prior to seeing their vascular surgeon. If it turns out they need surgery, they can get a pre-operative appointment on the same day. All other pre-operative testing, including electrocardiograms, labs, and radiology, can be done in the same building.”

The vascular clinic offers a full range of ultrasound and other arterial testing. “We offer pretty much the gamut, from checking the circulation in the legs to testing for deep vein thrombosis, blocked carotid arteries, and fistulas,” said Gary Travis, a registered vascular technologist. “While the vascular lab at Stony Point has daily scheduled appointments, patients can be seen the same day for emergent needs.”

The clinic space underwent a complete renovation before its opening. The 15 exam rooms are decorated in warm colors and designed with patient comfort in mind.

“We have equipment in every room, which makes it very convenient. We also have scales in each room, for patient privacy,” said McRae. Examination tables can accommodate patients up to 500 pounds, and a wheelchair scale provides easy access for patients with disabilities.

First patient at Stony Point

Patients often note the friendliness of the staff, said Stewart. “Our nurses here are exceptional in managing patient calls, concerns and questions,” she added.

Ronda Boyd, a patient access representative, said the new Stony Point clinic has proven popular with the patients she sees at checkout. “They like it because it’s not the hustle and bustle of downtown,” she said. “It’s more relaxing because everything they need is in one central spot.”

To schedule an appointment at the new Stony Point clinic, please call (804) 628-4327.


Joseph Chodkiewicz cutting a ceremonial ribbon as echo technician Kim Murphy looks on.