About the Cover

Dr. Kenneth Ellenbogen and John Britton

The cover photo of Dr. Kenneth Ellenbogen and his patient, John Britton, was taken by Mark Mitchell, a Richmond photographer who is also a patient of Dr. Ellenbogen’s. Mitchell’s bout with atrial fibrillation began eight years ago. “Being a photographer who travels around the country, it was very important that I be able to work, to be comfortable, and not have an afib attack,” he said. Following a cardioversion, ablations, and medication, he no longer suffers from the condition. “I’m able to work now and that’s the most important thing to me.” He included a photograph of Dr. Ellenbogen on his website for his “Richmond Personalities” project. “He’s one of the `real celebrities’ that exist, both to me and the whole electrophysiological community.” For more information, please visit www.markmitchellphotography.com.

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