Glasgow Trusts to Provide Matching Funds for Pauley Gift, New Campaign

The $5 million Pauley Family Foundation gift to VCU’s Pauley Heart Center will double in value thanks to a matching gift from the VCU Glasgow Endowment.

The Glasgow Trusts will also provide up to $5 million in matching funds to support a new fundraising campaign. The campaign is seeking new donations to help expand recruitment and research opportunities at the heart center. Donations of $500,000 and over may be eligible for the matching funds.

Funds will help support recruiting a scientific director and five new research faculty members, along with start-up funds for lab research staff and lab and equipment costs. The funds will also create new research programs in cardiovascular disease prevention, women’s cardiovascular health and congenital heart disease while expanding and accelerating VCU’s existing and nationally acclaimed programs in artificial devices (such as LVADs and Total Artificial Hearts), ARCTIC resuscitation for cardiac arrest and cardio-protection research.

The Glasgow Trusts were established in the 1950s, shortly before the deaths of Arthur Glasgow and his wife, Margaret. The funds, which over the years had grown to $125 million, were disbursed in 2011, following the death of the couple’s last heir. The portion of their estate bequeathed to VCU totaled $45 million, to be directed for research into cancer and other degenerative diseases.

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