“Miracle College of Virginia” Celebrated at  Pauley’s 2012 Cardiology Consortium

“Miracle College of Virginia” Celebrated at Pauley’s 2012 Cardiology Consortium

“MCV” lives up to its reputation as the “Miracle College of Virginia,” according to Dr. Jeff Marshall, keynote speaker at the 2012 Cardiology Consortium, held in May.

On the campus, “we witnessed miracles on a daily basis,” said Dr. Marshall, who attended the VCU School of Medicine as a cardiology fellow. Today, the Gainesville, Ga., cardiologist operates 16 clinics and a cardiac care hospital. He credits VCU and its faculty for providing the foundation for his success.

The Consortium also recognized the retirement of two distinguished faculty members and clinicians, who were honored for their contributions to cardiac care in the Commonwealth and beyond. Dr. David Richardson’s career spanned nearly 57 years, and his impact on his colleagues and the institution is widely felt. Dr. Michael Hess was recognized in a heartfelt poem written by the wife of a former patient, who praised the care he provided to her late husband for 32 years.

Cardiology Division Chair Dr. Ken Ellenbogen also shared the Pauley Heart Center’s latest and most impressive accomplishments. He recognized Dr. Ian Nixon for receiving the American Heart Association Award of Meritorious Achievement and lauded the university’s leadership in the field of heart transplantation.

Additionally, he said, Dr. George Vetrovec “is continuing to blaze trails in his approach to catheterization and intervention.”

He concluded the evening by thanking the attendants for helping to improve cardiac care through personal philanthropy. Each guest received a Pauley Heart Center lapel pin as a token of thanks—and a reminder of the amazing research and care provided on the MCV Campus.

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