Harvey’s Moving!

Harvey’s Moving!

When the VCU School of Medicine moves into new quarters, “Harvey” will be along for the ride.

Harvey is a life-sized mannequin that can realistically simulate the heart and lung sounds of 30 cardiac conditions. The mannequin, one of the patient simulators in the medical school, is popular among medical students and cardiology fellows.

With the turn of a dial, instructors can create a new set of symptoms for students to diagnose. One moment, Harvey is a 45- year-old man with a heart murmur; the next, he’s a woman in her late 30s experiencing chest pain.

“Harvey represents an exciting shift toward more active learning opportunities in the medical school curriculum,” said Dr. Ellen Brock, who heads the Center for Human Simulation and Patient Safety. “Simulation and standardized patients are important tools for maximizing quality of patient care as students, residents, and other healthcare professionals spend time honing their skills in a safe and controlled setting.”

Brock’s center will occupy two floors of the new McGlothlin Medical Education Center, scheduled to open in Spring 2013. The 200,000-square-foot, 12-story facility will house a significant part of the school’s research and classroom space. A skywalk will link the building to the main hospital on the MCV campus.

The $158.6 million project is a public-private partnership, with over $37 million raised to date in private funds. The state-of-the-art facility will allow the school to expand its medical school classes from 200 to 250 students.

I.M. Pei’s internationally acclaimed firm, Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, jointly designed the firm with Ballinger, a national leader in academic, research, healthcare, and corporate architecture.

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